English bio

I love to teach, advise and apply my passion: Business Strategy. I train strategy to help entrepreneurs in SMEs, young entrepreneurs and students to make their dreams a reality venture. My students learn strategy with very practical and useful methodologies. Spiro Strategy

I acquired the business strategy knowledge with MBA (EADE), PADE Top management program (IESE), continuous training and intensive reading of books and articles. The experience of implementing the strategy comes from over 30 years as CEO in multinational industrial companies and in my own renewable energy companies. 

In the past 10 years I have gained a rich experience in entrepreneurship, at both entrepreneur and investor. Entrepreneurship requires team building, excitement, trial and error, realism, learn from mistakes and stimulates self-improvement. 

Teaching experience comes from my background as a teacher and psychologist, although I practiced constantly in my duties as CEO, as I believe that one of the functions of a CEO is to form the team to achieve ambitious goals in common. I have written business strategy online courses in the past two years. 

Teaching, Exploring and Enthusiasm are the values that drive me to help entrepreneurs to start their new business ventures, in a sustainable economic, social and environmental way.